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From the site, you go to the “register” section and follow the instructions.

To connect, you go to the home page of the site and you must click at the top right on the “Personal Space” tab

Your username and password are strictly personal. In the event of loss, you can obtain a new one by clicking on “forgotten username” or “forgotten password”. You will be asked a subsidiary question and a new username or password will be sent to you by email.

Please contact us by email at: [email protected] . A response will be given to you within 72 working hours at most.

Use of the site for the subscription of products is reserved for adults, however a minor can use the site through a subscription made by an adult and under the full responsibility of the latter.


The regulations allow any consumer to use a right of withdrawal within 14 days of purchase. Unless you waive your right of withdrawal, you cannot immediately record your message.
When subscribing, you must check the box to waive the right of withdrawal, for immediate access to the platform and record your message. If you do not tick this box to waive your right of withdrawal, you must wait until the end of this 14-day period before having access to the platform.

You with up to 3 possible recordings then you must choose from among them the final message you want to save.

We thank you for referring to article 6.02.02 of our General Conditions of Use of Sales (CGUV) , available on our site.

You can modify the contact details of the recipients of the messages at any time in your personal space.

To do this, you must go to the “Personal Space” section.

For Classic and Basic message, you can have up to 10 destination email addresses.

You can therefore at any time in your “Personal Space” modify the number of message recipients while respecting the maximum number of 10 e-mail addresses per message.

For a larger number of addresses, please contact us at: [email protected]

At any time, in your personal space, you can modify the distribution method, additional and postal costs as well as mail management costs can then either be billed to you or partially or totally credited to you.

You cannot change your message once it has been saved. This makes it possible to make a date and fully enhance the moment of recording your message. Any change of message leads to a new subscription.

However, we inform you that, on the platform, before your final recording, you can make corrections to your written message and also do 3 audio or video tests before choosing one.

To help you create your messages, we advise you to read our “Tips for creating your messages”, you will find plenty of tips there.

The date noted for the delivery date of your message is a “message retention deadline”, you can advance the delivery date of your message by going to your “Personal Space”.
If, on the contrary, you wish to postpone this distribution date, you simply have to send a request by email to: [email protected] .
We will tell you the possible additional cost as well as the procedure to follow.

You can send a message to several as long as the message comes from a single “module”, namely a written, an audio or a video. Our subscriber will, however, be a single person, the one who will have opened an account.

We advise you to subscribe to the Essential, designed especially for this need. You make your message written, audio or video and it will be delivered to the designated persons only after your death. Essentially, you don’t have to write down a delivery date for your message.

Once your message is registered on the site, you can have a copy by sending a request to: [email protected] . Any request to be admissible will be subject to verification of your identity in order to preserve the secrecy of correspondence.

Message delivery

Written, audio, video messages are sent to the recipient’s email address.

Depending on the options taken, the message can also be sent by post by tracked delivery.

At any time, in your “Personal Space”, you can modify the distribution method of your message or your gift card.

If you choose to send your message using a USB key or a letter including the read link or your gift card, you will be charged additional costs.

The option of sending by post must be made at least 10 days before the chosen date of delivery of the message.

This option can also be subscribed after the date of delivery by email of the message and this within a maximum period of 10 following calendar days.

Under financial compensation paid either by the recipient or by the subscriber, the recipient can receive either a 2nd read link or a secure USB key containing his message.

The request must be made to: [email protected] within 10 days of the date of delivery of the message.

At any time, the subscriber has the possibility of going to his “Personal Space” in order to modify the destination contact details if necessary.

On the other hand, every 6 months, we send the subscriber an email asking him to re-validate the destination details of the message.

Divers questions

We undertake, as stipulated in article 6.02 of our General Conditions of Use of of Sale (CGUV) to respect the secrecy of correspondence as provided for in the legal provisions.

Only the recipient designated by the subscriber receives the message using the contact details you have given us. However, the message which is given to him belongs to him and we cannot then be held responsible for the distribution which could be made of it.

The destination addresses and the time of delivery of your messages are also kept confidential.

In addition, as indicated in our “Charter relating to the protection of personal data” e-TellYou s ” undertakes to respect the Personal Data Protection Regulations.

All the data you provide to the site is only used by e-TellYou, either as part of the services you have requested, or as part of e-TellYou marketing or prospecting studies. No data is traded or resold.

Additional services such as “Support in developing the message”, or “Search for recipient details” or “Coaching” can be purchased independently of the deferred messaging services offered by the site.

You have up to 5, 10, or 15 units (pages or minutes).
If you wish to make messages longer than the one subscribed or go beyond 15 units, please send an email to: support @ e- . We will tell you the supplement to pay as well as the procedure to follow.

When ordering, you must choose the maximum number of units for your message, that is to say a fixed number of pages or minutes before your registration, up to 5, 10 or 15 units. Use of fewer units than intended cannot be refunded or credited.

Any message recorded on the site is encrypted in order to guarantee its confidentiality. Thanks to an authentication system, only the subscriber has access to his account.

The Personal Booster

If you wish to postpone the date of receipt of your message because you think it will take you longer to reach your goal, you should send a request to: [email protected] , we will tell you what to pay and the procedure to follow.

To advance the delivery date of your message, you must go to your “Personal Space” and modify the date for the delivery of your message. Note, in this case, no pro rata refund can be made.

You are under no circumstances obliged to use the e-TellYou Messaging to access Coaching.

Coaching services can be purchased independently of any other product.

If you don’t already have one, all you need to do is open your account and choose from the coaching services offered.

The one for the future grown ups

We recommend that you wait until the child is 12 years old to receive his message from the Stork. However, the date of issue should be chosen according to the content of your message and the child’s maturity to understand it, this can be when he is 10 years old or 20 years old.

This date can be changed. Indeed, you can bring forward the moment of delivery at any time by going to your personal space. You can also move back the date, for that, just contact us at the address: [email protected] , and we tell you the procedure to follow and the possible supplement to pay.

When subscribing to the Message de la Cigogne, you can note a co-subscriber and also a trusted person. The goal for us is to have an interlocutor in order to carry out our mission until the end.

In the event of default by the main subscriber, for any reason whatsoever, the co-subscriber is contacted and will then have the same options for actions as the main subscriber.

In the event of default of both the main subscriber and the co-subscriber, we contact the designated person of trust.

At any time, you can change the contact details of the co-subscriber and the trusted person.

When subscribing to the Message de la Cigogne, the subscriber’s email address will be requested.

This address can be changed at any time by going to “My account” and before the scheduled delivery date, you will regularly receive an email asking you to validate the registered delivery address.

In addition, you can also, 15 days before the date of delivery of your message, opt to send it on a USB key for example.

You don’t have to be the father or mother of a child to send them a Message from the Stork, you can be a grandparent, an aunt, an uncle, a loved one, …

You just have to know that you will have to keep close contact with the child’s entourage in order to have a minimum of information, when the day comes, to be able to deliver his message to him.

Please note, you can use our internet search service.

All you have to do is buy a Gift Card and credit it with the amount corresponding to the Message from the Stork formula that you want with its saving period.

You choose the visual of the Gift Card which will be sent either by email or by tracked mail.

Gift card

With your Gift Card, you can choose all the services offered on the site for the amount credited to the card.

If the amount is insufficient for the service you want, you will simply have to pay the supplement.

If the amount is lower, the credit balance of the Gift Card will be used on the site during its validity.

The Gift Card is valid for 2 (two) years from the date of purchase. Its expiration date is indicated on the card.

After this period, the code is automatically deactivated without the possibility of obtaining a credit or a refund.

The Gift Card is sent either by email or by post with an accompanying message specifying the contact details of the person offering it, its value and its period of validity.

Each Gift Card includes a code number to be entered on the site.

The amount credited to the Gift Card can be used in one or more installments.

The beneficiary of the Gift Card chooses his service, and after validation of his basket for payment, he enters the code of his Gift Card, and if applicable, the amount remaining to be paid is displayed.

The remaining credit on the Gift Card can be viewed in the my account section.

No total or partial refund of the amount credited to the Gift Card can be made.

You can use the credit on your Gift Cards to purchase a product.

If the total amount does not cover the price of the product, you will have to pay a supplement. If the total amount of Cards is greater than the price of your product, the difference will be credited to one of the cards and the others will be deactivated.

The Essential one

If the contact details of the recipients are correct, your message will be sent to them after your death in accordance with your instructions. You will receive an email every 3 months, asking you to revalidate all of these contact details, as well as that of the trusted person you have designated.

Can I use Essentials for my advance directives or will?

You may want your message to be delivered to recipients later after your death, you will then need to request it by email to: support @ e-tellyou. com . A supplement corresponding to the additional months will have to be paid in full.

The Essential one subscription

Most can only be purchased as a monthly subscription. Indeed, blocking the personal account in the event of death is part of our subscriber’s disappearance alert system.

One month before your Bank Card expires, you will be notified by our partner STRIPE who manages credit card payments. You will then need to register your new card in the “My Account” section.

In the event of non-payment of a monthly payment for your subscription, and non-adjustment on your part within 15 days, there is in fact termination on your part of the contract. Unless you expressly request that the message not be delivered, the message is delivered to the recipient in accordance with article 6.02 of our General Conditions of Use of Sale (CGUV) .

You go to the “My Account” area and you can cancel your subscription. Depending on your choice, your message will or will not be delivered in the following days, without specifying the date.

Once the subscription is terminated, your message is not retained by e-TellYou.

Services & Support

The number of sessions depends on the goal you want to achieve and the possibilities to mobilize your resources.

It may take just one session to help you verbalize some things, such as you may need to be accompanied with 6 or more sessions spread over several months to achieve a goal.

You create your account and choose the “Coaching” service.

You have the choice between sessions of 1h or sessions of 1h30, with the possibility of packages of 3 sessions.

Once your purchase is validated, you have access to an agenda on which you note your different availability.

We will tell you the schedules compatible with those of our coaches. In the event of a package of 3 sessions, the appointments will be noted in advance with, however, the possibility of modifying them after the session has been carried out.

You can change your appointment 72 hours before the scheduled date on the calendar.

Coaching appointments are made by video or phone. They are held in the strictest confidentiality required by the charter of professional ethics and by its commitment to society.

E-TellYou Coaches are all support professionals with a Coaching diploma recognized by the French state at a minimum level RNCP 6 (master level 1).

e-TellYou reserves the right to carry out satisfaction surveys to improve its Coaching service.

If you have already had a coaching appointment, we will automatically suggest the next appointment with the same coach unless it is not available or except in exceptional cases. You can then either make an appointment with this professional or prefer another person.

It is essential, in coaching, that there is a “collaborative climate” between the coach and the coachee.

If this climate is not established, you can change your coach during your process, you just have to make a request to: servicesperso @ e- . Similarly, the coach can also ask to no longer provide your support.

To enable us to search for a person on the internet, you will have to complete an “information sheet” on the person you wish to find. We use this data in strict compliance with the standards of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This information will allow us to focus our research on the internet. We cannot guarantee results but we implement a set of processes to find this person.

We give you the results of our research at the end of the service.

If you want to send a message to this person, you are free to use e-TellYou’s messaging services or not.